Thank you for joining our Bernhardt Winery Soleil wine club. As a member, you will be receiving wines from our wonderful, award-winning, handcrafted, small batch wines made here at Bernhardt Winery.

Member Benefits

• Free Membership — no joining fee
• 20% discount on wines and select tasting room merchandise
• Periodic emails informing you of special discounts to select winery events, club events and activities
• Six flights or glasses of wine (total) per year that you can enjoy for yourself or share with friends
• Three 4-bottle wine purchases, of your choice, occurring on a single day within the published Wine Pickup window (6-weeks). Wine is only pre-selected and shipped, if it is not picked up 30 days after the pickup party.
• Invitation to pickup party (3 times per year)
• First option to purchase new and specialty wines
• Option to choose your wines at pickup party and throughout the month before shipment date


Choose from the following:

Winemaker’s Select

4 Bottle Shipment | $95-$130 plus tax & shipping
Winemaker’s choice, will be a selection of red and white wines.
Click on your selection of the following!
Winemaker’s Select


4 Bottle Shipment | $68-$110 plus tax & shipping
Reds selected from our cellar that have been barrel aged in an assortment of French and American oak and bottled at the peak of perfection.
Click on your selection of one of the following!
All DryAll SweetMixed Sweet and Dry


4 Bottle Shipment | $68-$90 plus tax & shipping
White wines selected from our whites ranging from light, fruity and floral to those that are bold, creamy and finished with a hint of oak.
Click on your selection of one of the following!
All DryAll SweetMixed Sweet and Dry

Red and White

4 Bottle Shipment | $68-$110 plus tax & shipping
This will be a selection from both our red wines and white wines
Click on your selection of one of the following!
All DryAll Sweet


Terms & Conditions

• I certify that I am at least 21 years old and that an adult signature is required for delivery.
• There will be a pickup party 3 times per year. I will have 30 days from the date of the pickup party to come in and pick up my wine. After that, all wines will be shipped, no exceptions. I will be responsible for shipping and handling charges. My card will be automatically charged at this time.
• I understand that the 4 bottle pickup purchase requirement must be made in one transaction.
• I understand that wines will be preselected, but if I choose to pick up my wine I may select my own wines.
• I agree to notify Bernhardt Winery at least 14 days prior to shipping dates with any changes to billing, address, contact information or cancellation.
• I understand there is a one year minimum commitment to join the wine club.
• I agree to contact Bernhardt Winery to terminate my membership if I choose not to continue at the conclusion of my first year.