Love Embers Wine & Book Set


Love Embers is an estate sweet apricot dessert wine. This single, ten-year old, barrel aged wine is the living memory of the only wine ever made from our fruit orchard which was cleared in 2015 for the winery expansion.

In Love Embers Poems and Remembrances, L. Jerry Bernhardt Jr. shares his poems and remembrances of family, friends, time, nature, longing, love, and hope through his unique lens. It is a collection of poems written at the winery, many of which were read at sunset during the concert season, as well as poems Jerry has written over the past 30 years.

This collection is at once an ode to the natural world and the beauty and support of family and friends, a life-long observation of time’s passage, and a testament to the power of love until death do us part.

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