We are happy to announce the launch of two new levels of Elite Tastings and Tours. Reservations Required.

The new tastings, Winemakers Select Pairing and Signature Choice Tasting have been designed to give you a unique tasting experience of wines personally selected by our winemakers Jerry Bernhardt and Jonathan Schrock.

Each of these Elite tasting is a one hour tasting and tour experience.  Each begins with a guided tour conducted by one of our trained Elite Tasting specialists.  The tours include an overview of the winery and stops at the crush pad, fermentation facility, barrel aging room, and a seated tasting in our Elite tasting room.

The two tastings and tours have been carefully designed with COVID protocols and social distancing to ensure the safety of our customers and staff. Group sizes are limited to 16 people.

Winemaker's Select Pairing

The Winemakers Select Wine Pairing & Tour is our highest-level tasting. The four wines for this tasting have been selected from our library of award-winning wines and are paired with small food bites lovingly prepared by our culinary team to enhance the flavor profiles and enrich the tasting experience.

During the Valentine's season, we are offering a specialty chocolate food bite pairing. Each wine in this tasting includes a pairing of two different decadent chocolate bites in which you can compare and contrast the flavor pairings on your unique palate.  This dual pairing allows you to personally choose your favorite while growing in knowledge and understanding of the wine pairing experience.

$40 Per Person | Wine Club Member $35
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Group size limited to 16 guests

Signature Choice Tasting & Tour

This tour and tasting is a fun-lovers tasting in which you can choose to taste four different wines. The presentation includes a description of eight of our most popular wines, four sweet and four dry wines; from which you can choose to taste four of your personal favorites.

You are welcome to mix and match sweet and dry in any combination for your palate preference.  Along the tour, one of the pairings will include a unique food pairing bite to enhance you tasting experience.

Wine Club Member Price: $25 | General Price: $30
Soleil Wine Club Members Use Coupon Code
at Checkout to Apply Discount

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